Start Getting Paid To Do Things, Redeeming Cash & Online Prizes

#01 Super Points - Invite Only!

Super Points is a members-only reward club where users can earn points and redeem them for prizes from gift cards to cars. All you have to do is click the link and sign up! It's FREE! You can earn points by completing offers, watching videos, checking your email, clicking the "Super Lucky Button", and more. I joined Super Points not to long ago and I have already started to gain a rush of points. I have already gained more than enough points for a $10 gift card to any place of my choice. Unlike Lalaloot and CashDazzle, Super Points network is not cash based, instead you receive points for rewards. Everyday you can collect points from clicking the "Super Lucky Button" instant win game. Depending on your account level, you have a certain number of clicks to attempt to win points. I believe you start of with 30 clicks a day on the basic level, but you can move up to a 100 clicks a day for maximizing your chances of winning points. Though the button isn't the only point giver, it's a good one to have for daily points. I invite you to give it try and start clicking the Super Lucky Button to test your luck, you have nothing to lose, but luck to gain.
Super Points Super Fast For some quick points log in to Super Points, then on the top you should see menu. On the menu or dashboard you'll see, "Settings", it is right next to your name. Click on it and you'll be at your profile/account settings. Refer to the sample image below if you need help. After you completed the simple information you'll automatically be awarded super points, and be upgraded to Basic Level!
On the dashboard you'll also see, "Get Points", when you move your mouse over it you'll see all the ways you can earn more points. You can complete offers, daily deals, and print coupons for earning, but my favorite way of getting points would be watching videos. It should have been the second to the last one, when you are on the "Get Points" tab. Click "Watch Videos" and view the bunch they have, it will be FAST and EASY points, just make sure you click the "Next Video" at the end of each video. And if you thought that was it, your wrong, after you finish watching them, don't forget to come back tomorrow to get even more points. There are also more videos to watch in the "Complete Offers" tab. You can get a lot of points each day for all the videos, even if they're different or the same.

To top it all off, as soon as you have signed up and verified your account with the Super Points Network, you will be getting paid through your email! And it's super easy, all you do is receive one Super Lucky email a day from Super Points, and click the in the message. Woolah! More and more points. There is also the way to get points from referrals, so if you have a lot friends or are good at inviting people, fire away, because Super Points is invite only!