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A book usually begins with an introduction of a story, or a summary of the author. Well actually, it can start any way you choose it to, because you are your own author. Especially when it comes down to being in front of a computer and accessing the online world wide web. Internationally a huge portion of our human race spends a heavy amount of time DOING THINGS on online. Unknowingly, we're all victims of lost cash and awards and this even includes me. Every time one journey ends, another journey begins.
     Definition of Dictionary: a book, optical disc, mobile device, or online lexical resource (such as containing a selection of the words of a language, giving information about their meanings, pronunciations, etymologies, inflected forms, derived forms, etc., expressed in either the same or another language; lexicon; glossary.
     Well that is what a ordinary dictionary justifies, now lets go find out the significance of a free cash and awards dictionary. At last with the intro and its given words, let's get paid to do things.
Dear NEW Free Cash Dictionary Visitors or Get Paid To Beginners, 
     If you have trouble understanding the F.C.D. ways to free cash rewards, please simply scroll down and review the "GPT Starters Post" for a quick tutorial and helpful informative guide to get you started.
- F.C.D. Admin
Read F.C.D. Guide: Get Paid To Sites
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Easy, Fun, & Fast Cash GPTs - The Beginning Never Ends.

A place for the new ones! The beginning of my internet money revenue started off with concentrating on two GPT's and winning their offer contests! Also this is a good way if you want fast cash to buy something with Paypal or on eBay, etc. Ready to fill your wallet? For your information BOTH SITES are competitive and have a family type community, so you have fun, while earning money. Straight up, they are the fastest way to earn cash in your PayPal account or whatever your prefer, like for that immediate need of $5 or whatever for that item you won on eBay. This is how you do it! They have a positive earning potential and welcomes all countries.
Rewarding Ways - The Rewarding Way To Earn Online!

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FCD Guide: Get Paid To Sites

FCD Guide: Get Paid To Sites
The guide for GPT sites will provide the basic essentials for earning and also necessary tools to help online users navigate through GPT sites and provides directions for beginning your success.

Joining a GPT site is as simple as any other website you've joined before, but a GPT site pays you for joining other websites! Becoming a member of most GPT communities for example: 90Deals, you'll have to click register and and fill in the registration form. A confirmation email will be sent within a few moments of submitting your registration form. Click the link in the confirmation email or copy the confirm code and enter it to confirm your registration. Once you have done that you are ready to log in to GPT community account.
The menu or dashboard near the top of each page helps you to navigate through the site, although some sites have them on the left or right side. Usually most time would be spent on either the Offers, Surveys, Offer Walls, or Member's Home tab from then menu.
>>> To begin earning cash, or points for rewards, click on the "Offers" tab or any tab mentioned before.


On the menu there is a tab for "Offers". There is usually a search box on the "Offers" page for you to locate a particular offer or survey. Next to the search box is a dropdown menu, usually saying "Browse Categories". If you want to start by trying recently added offers you can, clicking the dropdown menu you will discover: "Recently Added" or "New Offers". 

Also besides this dropdown menu is usually another dropdown menu, but this one saying "Sort By". With this option, you can categorizes the offers from which ones being completed the most or which offers were just recently last credited. 


Before completing any offers you want to be sure your computer settings are correct in order to receive credit. 
Firefox and/or Internet Explorer are recommended when using our website.  Some members have success with other browsers -- however, AOL and Netscape will not work on any incentive site like SuperPay.Me.
Make sure your browser is set to "accept all cookies" -- THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  You can find this option by opening a webpage:  Go to TOOLS and go down to INTERNET OPTIONS.  Check your settings,  by clicking on 'PRIVACY.' There will be a bar; pull it down to the bottom accept all cookies. The process is very similar for Firefox. 


Click on the banner or text of the offer. This will bring you to the advertiser's website.
Once at the advertiser's website you will need to complete the requirements for the offer as stated in the description -- by entering your email address, zip code, or other information. Requirements vary -- and are listed in the offer description.
If the offer says: "complete survey" then take the survey until you receive a page saying "Thank You for ....." or some sign that you have completed the offer. 
While completing offers use valid information including your correct name, address and phone number (if required). Use a valid email address in order to receive confirmation emails.  Disposable emails are not allowed. Advertisers need to reach you with their information. 
Most offers are automatically tracked by the advertiser. Once you have completed the offer return to the previous page and click on the "Submit" button. Credit for that offer will be in your account within minutes for most offers. Some offers take longer to process by the advertiser and make take a few hours.   

When you submit an offer it will move to your "Pending Folder."  If you make a mistake and submit an offer you did not complete, look for the dropdown menu and click the "Pending Folder". Find your accidently submitted offer, next to it click the check, and then click "Delete". It will return back to your offers page, so don't worry you can still do it.
That's it!   If your offer is approved by the advertiser you will receive an approval email and the amount of the offer will be credited to your account balance. FYI: Not all offers are approved by the advertiser for a variety of reasons.   

To learn more about clearing cookies click here.

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#04 Brand New GPT: Click4Dough

Honestly, For a grand opening GPT site, Click4Dough is gorgeous. I mean the way it is formatted/designed, it conquers beauty. Anyways, Click4Dough brand new GPT site, many fresh offers and also it's already starting up with great contests! It's already packed with awesome offers, surveys, paid to click ads, etc. Have a look at beauty yourself, click it.

GPT Starter Information for Beginners

Help for Starters from the F.A.Q. to the "How To's".
GPT sites only makes money when its members make money. It is beneficial that starters understand how the GPT system works in order to MAXIMIZE their daily revenue and future profits. A few important tips I can give you for a better chance of getting any offer/survey to credit:
1. Clear your web-browser cookies and history after every time you complete a new offer/survey.
2. Try crediting new emails daily, and use different emails for offers/surveys of the same family.
3. When starting an offer/survey take your time, let the pages fully load as you continue through the path. These are simple tasks, but are essential and will ensure a higher rate for offers to credit. Getting credit for an offer, basically means the advertiser pays you for completing their offer correctly.
You can start making money by going to the members area and click on "Offers" or "Earn Money" tabs on the menu. By doing so, you should now see all the different types of free offers, surveys, paid to clicks, etc. that are available for country. Also remember offers, surveys, etc., are updated every day. If there are no offers for you today, there could be offers available for your tomorrow. So check back every now and then, to earn your daily free cash! 
General Tips to Follow 
- Use a new, unique email for each offer within the same family. It may help to use a new email for every offer since it can sometimes be difficult to tell which offers are related to which other ones. 
- Clear cookies between each offer. 
- Make sure that your browser of choice is set up correctly to open all pop-ups, and allow all cookies. 
- Make sure each page fully loads before moving on to the next. This ensures the cookies have time to track you completing the offer.
Setting Up Your Browser 
First, you need to set up your web browser of choice to accept all cookies, and allow all pop-ups.
Mozilla Firefox Instructions:
1. Click 'Tools' and select 'Options'.
2. Under the 'Privacy' tab, select 'Use custom settings for history'.
3. This is what my settings look like, but make sure you have "Accept cookies from sites", and "Accept third-party cookies" checked.
1. Click 'Tools' and select 'Quick Preferences'.
2. Make sure that 'Open All Pop-Ups', and 'Enable Cookies' are checked. Also, make sure that 'Enable Opera Turbo' is NOT checked. Opera Turbo uses proxies to load pages faster, but the use of proxies is against most GPT TOS, and might result in being banned.
Google Chrome
1. Click the wrench icon on the top right of the browser and select 'Options'.
2. Click the 'Under the Hood' tab.
3. Under 'Cookie settings', make sure that 'Allow all cookies' is selected.
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#03 Favorite GPT: HighestPayGPT, RewardingWays, Get-Paid

Remember to try out an offer, survey, or a PTC! So easy.
With easy and high paying daily offers, clicks, surveys, and their huge amount of offers. HighestPayGPT will allow an income that will support you for years! Earning cash has never been so comfortable, until you have tried this GPT site. Oh and I forgot to mention, the active offers here credit almost instant, allowing you to enjoy the low minimum cash out for PayPal, Serve, or even a written check even more!
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#02 CashDazzle

In this online game site, you can win cash prizes everyday, and it's FREE to play! 1. HIGH chance to win money! 2. Join a EXCITING community! 3. It's totally FREE to sign up! 4. Cross your fingers & SPIN! START NOW: JOIN CASHDAZZLE FOR FREE!

Get MORE Spins Now! MORE SPINS @ CASH DAZZLE FOR FREE! You can get more spins by participating in the offers from our sponsors. Our sponsors keep CashDazzle FREE and they pay for the cash prizes. Check out, "Get More Spins", to well obviously, get more spins. And also for even more extra spins, refer others with your unique referral link and make sure they confirm their email to receive the extra spins!

#01 Super Points - Invite Only!

Super Points is a members-only reward club where users can earn points and redeem them for prizes from gift cards to cars. All you have to do is click the link and sign up! It's FREE! You can earn points by completing offers, watching videos, checking your email, clicking the "Super Lucky Button", and more. I joined Super Points not to long ago and I have already started to gain a rush of points. I have already gained more than enough points for a $10 gift card to any place of my choice. Unlike Lalaloot and CashDazzle, Super Points network is not cash based, instead you receive points for rewards. Everyday you can collect points from clicking the "Super Lucky Button" instant win game. Depending on your account level, you have a certain number of clicks to attempt to win points. I believe you start of with 30 clicks a day on the basic level, but you can move up to a 100 clicks a day for maximizing your chances of winning points. Though the button isn't the only point giver, it's a good one to have for daily points. I invite you to give it try and start clicking the Super Lucky Button to test your luck, you have nothing to lose, but luck to gain.
Super Points Super Fast For some quick points log in to Super Points, then on the top you should see menu. On the menu or dashboard you'll see, "Settings", it is right next to your name. Click on it and you'll be at your profile/account settings. Refer to the sample image below if you need help. After you completed the simple information you'll automatically be awarded super points, and be upgraded to Basic Level!
On the dashboard you'll also see, "Get Points", when you move your mouse over it you'll see all the ways you can earn more points. You can complete offers, daily deals, and print coupons for earning, but my favorite way of getting points would be watching videos. It should have been the second to the last one, when you are on the "Get Points" tab. Click "Watch Videos" and view the bunch they have, it will be FAST and EASY points, just make sure you click the "Next Video" at the end of each video. And if you thought that was it, your wrong, after you finish watching them, don't forget to come back tomorrow to get even more points. There are also more videos to watch in the "Complete Offers" tab. You can get a lot of points each day for all the videos, even if they're different or the same.

To top it all off, as soon as you have signed up and verified your account with the Super Points Network, you will be getting paid through your email! And it's super easy, all you do is receive one Super Lucky email a day from Super Points, and click the in the message. Woolah! More and more points. There is also the way to get points from referrals, so if you have a lot friends or are good at inviting people, fire away, because Super Points is invite only!